Project no.4    Taiwanese Tea ceremony and Culture​    台灣茶文化品味探索
Private Tea Ceremony
私人茶藝課程— 3 hrs


  1. Mansion Tour— 30 min. To start, you will be provided a relaxing tour around the mansion. It will help you to know the culture, history and arts.Furthermore, the tour will clam your mind and prepare you for the tea ceremony.

  2. Tea Ceremony— 2.5 hrs. you will 

  • Taste at lease 4 different kinds of tea (out of the most famous 6 Taiwanese tea).

  • Gain knowledge of tea cultivation,tea harvesting, and tea primary processing. 

  • Understand the “terroir” of each tea and how to brew and taste each tea.

  • Appreciate the beauty and functionality of tea ware and tea art.

  • Learn health benefits of tea.


一. 空寂雲門參觀行程 :30分鐘。從大門庭園到室內空間,在專人導覽下,從私宅的歷史文化到每件古董藝術品的由來故事,


二. 茶藝課程:2.5小時課程。您將會品嘗至少4種不同的台灣茗茶(由當時節氣從台灣六大茗茶碧螺春,文山包種,凍頂烏            龍、鐵觀音,東方美人,紅玉等中挑選)。品茗當中,老師將會教授每道茶泡茶工法、製茶工序、風土條件、歷史背景。        當然,對於茶壺茶席的藝術及茶對於人體健康等知識,也是包含在此全方位的課程當中。

Tea Ceremony Class

In addition to the basic knowledge you learn from the Private Tea Ceremony, this thorough tea ceremony class allows you to make your own tea  and share with other participants.Through this class ,you can easily connect to each other in this comfortable environment. Any kind of  inquiries and cooperation are welcome.


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