Project no.3   Body & Craft Painting Art Workshop​    彩繪活動合作
Body Painting Art Workshop  人體彩繪藝術活動合作
   —— 2 hrs min. 
  1. Business Promotion : Design unique patterns for VIP event. 

  2. Private Party : Childrens' Birthday Party,Wedding Party,Halloween,Christmas,etc.

  3. Commercial Use : Body Art Design on Models for shoot, runways and promotions


* All the body paints we use on skin have passed skin safety test. The paints are nontoxic and can use on

  children and  pregnant women.


一、品牌媒體發表活動/ VIP彩繪體驗 (兩小時起)

  • 現場彩繪vip貴賓,增加活動娛樂性。

  • 客製設計與活動主題相關之圖騰

二、私人彩繪派對 (兩小時起)

  • 節慶主題人體彩繪/ 兒童節, 萬聖節, 聖誕節, 生日派對

  • 客製彩繪圖騰


  • -品結合人體彩繪

  • 客製設計彩繪與主題相關之圖騰

  • 伸展台與藝術拍攝



*Price from 15000 NTD. (TBD),價格待議。

Customize craft &Glass painting workshop   客製化彩繪工作坊
  —— 2~3 hrs
  1. Inspirations:After introducing  the tools we use for painting, according to the topic of events, we will guide you to design your own unique pattern on paper before painting on glasses or crafts.

  2. Creatives:We will draft on paper and demonstrate how to apply the colors or glitters on the glass.







*Price from 15000 NTD. (TBD),價格待議。

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