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About us

Aléatoire, was founded in the end of 2013,stands for “randomization” in French,which means experiencing infinite possibility in every second of life.The logo above is number”8”, represents emphasizing high quality of life and enjoying it in the I-Ching. In addition to being in fashion industry which the original website represents, the Aléatoire Marketing and Atelier d'Aléatoire expands to events and courses of perfumery,arts and lifestyle. The concept is always remained in our core value " to introduce new designers". Now is "new designers, new artist, new combination".

雅拓國際成立於2013年底,雅拓一詞代表著法文「隨機」的意思。公司標誌代表著易經中第八卦相「重視生活品質、享受人生」。除了原先創立以來活躍的時尚領域,現在雅拓行銷(Aleatoire Marketing )及雅拓工坊(Atelier d'Aleatoire)更延伸至香氣嗅覺、藝術及生活品味領域。我們的核心價值一直以來就是引進新銳設計師,現在更增添了各領域新藝術家與新的結合方式,多領域的結合激盪出更多的火花。

Our Team.

Anne Scheffer 安薛佛

Founder / Perfumer / Fashion blogger

​創辦人 / 調香師 /時尚部落客

Mika Chien 簡郁璇
Body & Craft Artist
螢幕快照 2018-07-04 下午3.27.11.png
Mr.Chang 張貿鴻
Tea Ceremony Professor
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