Project no.7
 Get a taste of Gin Distillery at Holy Distillery.

The workshop provides the experience to participate in the GIN production process and also blending your own bottle.
On site,beginning with distillery introduction and related safety knowledge,Introducing various stills and ingredients for Gin distillation,and the art of the gin making.You can make your own blend of GIN to take home. One 500ml bottle of the Valor Gin.

  • 酒廠參觀導覽跟安全相關知識

  • 完整琴酒的歷史背景、分類、常見品牌講授 -風味師協助講解原料風味,選取原料,切割研磨,比例設計。

  • 風味設計確認,蒸餾器的選擇,啟動蒸餾。

  • 原酒試飲及濃度調整。

  • 裝瓶、貼標及封膜。

眾多琴酒原料可選擇:杜松子、肉桂、當歸、玫瑰、豆蔻、、黑胡椒、百里香、 迷迭香、桂花等,及台灣原生種植物食材(季節限定驚喜包)。你可以帶回自己製作的每人一瓶的 琴酒:500ml Holy Distillery Valor GIN

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