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Anne Scheffer 安薛佛


Aleatoire雅拓國際及Aleatoire Marketing雅拓行銷的創辦人,對於法國時尚與文化就有如時尚與香水工業,有著不可間斷的淵源。身為大腦五感發達者,對於生活品味有著追求精緻完美的執著。


  • Aleatoire8雅拓國際整合行銷有限公司創辦人/CEO

  • 法國高等時裝學院Esmod時尚行銷碩士

  • 法國 ISIPICA 香水學院證書

  • 觀光局及中華會展協會受邀講師

  • 合力酒場合作風味師

  • 時尚部落客/生活品味家

  • 文化大學時尚與創意產業品牌建構系客座講師

  • 醒吾服裝設計系畢展評審

  • 紐約FIT流行學院證書

  • 台北大學企管系/社會系雙學士

Like the strong connection between perfume and fashion industry , Anne Scheffer, as the founder/CEO of Aleatoire 8, also has irresistible  connection of fashion and culture with France. As a person with diverse senses, she start learning and making perfume, from Grass, Paris to Taipei. The main purpose for her is an dedication to exquisite perfection for the taste of life.


  • Founder/CEO of Aleatoire Integrated Marketing Co., Ltd.

  • MA Esmod Fashion Marketing and Management 2010

  • ISIPICA Perfume Institute  Certificate 2017

  • Fashion blogger/Perfumer

  • Holy Distillery Cooperated Taste Master

  • New York FIT University Certificate 2008

  • University of Taipei Business Administration Department/Social Dual Bachelor 2009

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