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Project no.1      "One Day Perfumer" Personalized Perfume Workshop

Our courses are inspired by one of the best perfume school in Paris,ISIPCA(l'InstitutSupérieur International de la Parfumerie, de la Cosmétique et des ArômesAlimentaires), and combined with Knowledge of fashion and trends. The core idea of the courses is to awake participants’ passion and imagination toward scents and achieve a balanced connection with inner self, society and natural.


Program 1.One Day Perfumer (Level1) — in this 3 hrs course, you can smell 30 different essences,knowledge of main notes and pick 2 tops, 2 middles, and 2 bases to make a 30ml luxury perfume with assistance from the instructor.

Program 2. Beginning of Perfumery Art (Level2) — from 10 a.m to 17 p.m, you will be introduced to the history of Modern perfumery, knowledge of more notes, smell and learn professional language of 40 materials and the skills of perfume making. This package  includes the lecture, all materials and a custom 50 ml luxury perfume and 10 ml of original cologne.

課程一、一日香水師(初階課程) :3小時課程。

  • 30款香水原料簡論

  • 聞香練習

  • 調香原理與技巧

  • 實作30ml 專屬香水(Eau de Parfum)



  • 現代香水起源 

  • 合成香水萌芽 

  • 香水位階分類 

  • 香調家族細分

  • 香水調配注意事項

  • 聞香精準形容(40種)

  • 香調家族歸類

  • 香味精準形容練習

  • 香水混合技巧

  • 香水設計定位

  • 調香練習與試驗

  • 香水製作50 ml 淡香精(Eau de Parfum)及

      10ml 古典配方科隆水(Eau de Cologne)


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