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Our Projects.


Project no.1
Personalized Perfume Workshop

"Perfume is a message" ---Paloma Picasso,Daughter of Pablo Picasso, Jewelry and Fashion designer. 



Treated to a journey of fragrances,here, you can create your own tailored perfume with assistance of our instructor.


Project no.2
Perfume Creation Class

Bring your event to the next level by incorporating a perfume blending experience.We can easily work with any special event,company and topic.


Project no.3
Body & Craft Painting Art Workshop

Using patterns of flowers, plants and geometric shapes, this body and craft painting art can be painted on skin and many other surfaces. The style can be changed easily according to the theme and makes events more interesting and fun. Any cooperation is welcome.



Project no.4
Taiwanese Tea ceremony and Culture

Taiwanese tea ceremony, a.k.a Gongfu tea, has a history of 1200 years and can be traced back to Tang Dynasty. It has been an essential part of Chinese cultures and is especially well-preserved in Taiwan. Combining ancient cultivated method with roller fixation skill adjusted for local terroir, "Maokong", located on top of a hill in Taipei, is one of the most famous producing regions for Tieguanyin. Here, you can taste all
different kinds of Taiwanese tea, discover the wonderful atmosphere of a traditional
Chinese tea ceremony and experience  the richness and spirituality of the art of tea.



Project no.5
Private Heritage Mansion Tour & Venue Rental

The Private Heritage Mansion located just in the middle of Maokong, is owned by Chang family.The two-floored Japanese style architecture was built in Japanese Colonial Era, and is decorated with Shoji and Tatami. It also showcases many significant antiques including ancient farming equipment, antique furniture from Qing Dynasty , early instruments and tea sets. Reservation os required for this private tour .


The Heritage Mansion can also be rented for special events, private meetings, and photo shoot. Please contact us for inquiries.


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